Brands can serve Gen Z by understanding their values and incorporating these values into their marketing campaigns. Gen Zers, on the whole, are politically progressive, perhaps even more so than millennials. Here are some things to consider when marketing to this generation:

Gender Fluidity

Research suggests 41 percent of Gen…

Seventy percent of Gen Zers follow at least one influencer on Instagram, YouTube, or another platform. So conveying your brand message through influencer marketing could prove lucrative. Here are some tips:

  • Build long-term relationships with influencers so they can become brand ambassadors for your products and services.
  • Research your influencers…

In 2005, when a group of experts from leading international media agencies joined forces, Chinese marketing group WE Marketing was born; a trailblazing business initiative that combined western marketing discipline with eastern experience and insights.

Today, WE Marketing are widely-respected in China, as being pioneers in using fundamental marketing ideologies…

Today, New Zealand Food Trailers have been designing, building and distributing custom food trailers to the New Zealand market for over four years.

They’re one of the biggest suppliers of their kind. Rene has a B. A. A. in International Business, and his business partner Zilma is an industrial engineer…

Mustafa Kivanc Demirsoy

Founder of ACEE Design, Marketing, and Branding Agency. (

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